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Introducing Tu Seguro con Julie Stav, from the Hispanic community's leading Financial expert Julie Stav

Add the renowned expertise and experience of Life & Annuity Masters, and this combination will deliver the best insurance and annuity products available industry-wide.

All explained in Julie's understandable, down to earth style, and powered by Life & Annuity Masters knowledge and proficiency.

Whether you're looking to make sure your family has the best coverage possible, or need some help planning your retirement, speak to our certified agent, Nancy Rivera Ellis, today.

Please be sure to listen to Julie's personal message below!


Nancy Rivera Ellis

Nancy Rivera Ellis is proud to represent Tu Seguro con Julie Stav and is committed to providing the finest services to the Hispanic community!

Julie Stav and Life & Annuity Masters have partnered to create a Life and Annuity Agency worthy of your trust and appreciative of your needs. Together they have researched numerous companies to make sure you receive only the best products from the most highly-rated insurance companies the industry has to offer at the most competitive price.

As an agent for Tu Seguro con Julie Stav, I have signed an official code of ethics that I must follow every day with every client. Julie wrote the code herself, and it is based on the truthfulness, common sense, and expert advice she has shared with millions of listeners, viewers and readers.

  • To practice and uphold the trust and confidence my clients have in Julie Stav
  • To hold myself and my profession in high esteem by understanding the importance of the dedicated service I'm providing my clients and their beneficiaries.
  • To meet the needs of my clients to the best of my ability by becoming an engaged listener.
Please click here to read the complete Code of Ethics.

Our team of dedicated staff members shares a passion for quality and service. We're waiting for your call! Thank you for the opportunity to answer your questions and fulfill your life insurance and retirement planning needs.

As a committed member of Julie's nationwide team of professionals I am looking forward to serving your insurance and annuity needs,

Nancy Rivera Ellis

Please view video below to be welcomed by Julie herself.

Bio / Support Team


Nancy Rivera Ellis

Life and Annuity Masters

Nancy Rivera Ellis

Contact Number: (800) 997-8661

Email Address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Address: 980 Enchanted Way Suite 204, Simi Valley, California 93065

Agent Biography:

In their early years as a couple, Nancy and David came to the conclusion that a career in the insurance industry would give their planned-for family the financial foundation it would need. Nancy knew that this would not be “David’s job.” It would be a partnership between the two of them. Nancy decided to quit her job to create an insurance business with her husband.

Nancy had a solid background in family-owned business. As a teen, she worked for her father’s auto detailing company, making appointments, meeting with clients, and ferrying luxury cars and limos. She immediately knew that David’s sales work in the field would require this sort of “behind the scenes” support.

Setting up shop at the kitchen table in their first townhome, Nancy processed insurance customer leads from lists that she and David would buy. She would crank pre-printed direct mail postcards into an electric typewriter one at a time to inscribe addresses and greetings before applying stamps and taking the finished stack to the post office. A typical run was 500 pieces. A typical conversion rate was 50 responses. Nancy would take initial calls, prequalify the warm leads, and schedule appointments. David knew how many times he needed to get in the door to have a strong month. He also knew that his success was impossible without Nancy overseeing his marketing and administration.

Nancy and David’s business expanded, graduating from the kitchen table, to the garage of their first home, to their first rented office space. Sleepless nights worrying about how they were going to afford the office rent were solved when their agency began to grow. Sleepless nights also continued as their family also began to grow. There would be seven little Ellises eventually, plus foster children throughout the years. The eldest Ellis kids now work for Mom and Dad. Nancy's love for children does not stop with those under her roof. She participates in "Forever Found," a nonprofit fighting sexual exploitation of minors around the world.

Nancy refined the procedures and systems she used to grow the business and began teaching them to new hires. As the company continued on its upward track, David came in from the field to join Nancy in executive duties. Together, they realized their greatest strength: giving agents across the country the type of tools and support that David had received from the kitchen table all those years ago.

Life & Annuity Masters transformed into an insurance marketing organization, giving independent agents every resource and opportunity required for success. Quality, cost-effective leads. Superior pricing and product support. Prompt, efficient contracting and underwriting. Innovative marketing and sales training. David is quick to say that Nancy created the heart of the business. Her commitment to a family enterprise will always be the essence of Life & Annuity Masters.

Marketing & Admin Support Team for our Partners in the Field

Dennis Fontaine Mike McCoy Mark Bermudez
Dennis Fontaine
Annuity Specialist Support
Mike McCoy
Marketing Field Manager
Mark Bermudez
Financial Planning Specialist
Todd Ensing

 Edgar Lozano


Todd Ensing
Consumer Advisor and Federal Market Support

Edgar Lozano 
National Sales Manager


Quinn Ellis
Marketing Field Manager

LeticiaSantiago Bryan Simeri

Victor Proano

Leticia Santiago
Marketing Field Manager
Bryan Simeri
Marketing Field Support

Victor Proano
In-house Bilingual Direct to Consumer Sales and Administrative Assistant

Jackie Pelkey

Rebecca Frias Maria Quezada
Jackie Ginter
Consumer Financial Advisor
Rebecca Frias
Product Marketing Assistant
Maria Quezada
Product Support


Mary Chamorro
Product Support
Anahi Villareal
Case Manager Assistant

Brieann DennisMItchell-bw Victor Proano  
Brieann Demaio 
Marketing Administrative Assistant
 Dennis Mitchell
Federal Benefits Respresentative
Victor Proano
In-house Bilingual Direct to Consumer Sales and Administrative Assistant

New Business Services

Cassie Burns Amy Schultz Morgan McCoy
Cassie Burns
New Business and Underwriter Supervisor
Amy Schultz
New Business Support Specialist
Morgan McCoy-Schuetz
New Business Support Specialist
  Kristine Pacheco  
  Kristine Pacheco
Julie Stav Consumer Advisor

and New Business Consultant

Contracting and Licensing

  Krista Lohman  
  Krista Lohman
Contracting Support Assistant

Administrative Support

Kay Lodwick


Jasmine Miller
Kay Lodwick
Tammy Cuevas
Jasmine Miller
Marketing Communications Coordinator
 Mike Steinwender Gary Guttman  Jason_Karpf
 Mike Steinwender
Network Administrator
Gary Guttman
Reporting Analyst
 Jason Karpf
Communications Director

Mission / Code of Ethics

Our Mission Statement

By adhering to our unique code of ethics, Tu Seguro con Julie Stav assures its clients that they will always be provided with the highest level of personal service and professionalism that they have come to expect from Julie Stav. Our primary focus is to serve the life insurance and annuity needs of the fast-growing Latino community.  Through our trusted resources and educational content, we promise to help you understand the sometimes confusing and frustrating process of choosing the best type of life insurance or annuity for your specific needs. As the first nationwide, full-service life and annuity agency committed to serving the Latino community, we will always strive to exceed your expectations for service, while fulfilling your life insurance and retirement planning needs.

Commitment to Ethical Sales Practices:
Standards for Agent Conduct

Agents who are accredited by Julie Stav have the unique position of representing an acknowledged and trusted brand with both clients and the insurance companies who provide products. These agents also have a professional commitment to the client and the companies they represent, as well as to the principles upheld by Julie Stav. It is a privilege and an honor, which requires the highest standards of ethics and conduct.

Therefore, It Is My Responsibility:

  • To practice and uphold the trust and confidence my clients have in Julie Stav
  • To hold myself and my profession in high esteem by understanding the importance of the dedicated service I’m providing my clients and their beneficiaries.
  • To meet the needs of my clients to the best of my ability by becoming an engaged listener.
  • To be culturally sensitive to the uniqueness of the Hispanic community
  • To present accurately and honestly all material facts essential to my clients' buying decisions.
  • To promptly respond to any questions or concerns a client may have.
  • To participate in the underwriting or processing of applications and keeping the client informed of upcoming steps in the process.
  • To fully explain all documents presented to clients for signature, especially those that may contain disclaimers or result in surrender charges, penalties or tax implications.
  • To perfect my skills and increase my knowledge of sales practices and applicable laws and regulations through continuing education, including Julie Stav educational sessions.
  • To conduct my business in such ways that my example might help inspire others to model these principles.

I Nancy Rivera Ellis have completed special training and must follow Julie's code of ethics  above to be able to represent this line of top-quality insurance and annuity programs.

Educational Content

Educational Content

On this page we offer educational videos that I have created especially for you, in order to help you choose the best life insurance or annuity product, according to your personal needs. Use the videos to your advantage, so that you can ask questions and make the best decision possible.

Life Insurance:
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Spanish Language Annuity Tutorials:
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Understanding the Need for Life Insurance

Types of Life Insurance and How to Choose the Right One

Mortgage Insurance

Whole Life Insurance

Permanent Life Insurance

Universal Life

How Much Coverage Do I Need

Introdución sobre anualidades

Cómo se financia una anualidad

Pagos de la anualidad

En qué se diferencian las anualidades

El beneficio de muerte

Costos de rescate

Otros costos

Dividendos adicionales


Anualidades e impuestos

Cuánto debería invertir en una anualidad

Dónde puedes comprar una anualidad

La disposición de mirar gratis

Cómo buscar una anualidad

En tus zapatos - ¿Ahora qué?

Preguntas y respuestas


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